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8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again.

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Let's test that. And make an expectation / reality post about it. : )

Great idea, Oce.


The bottom of two French yellow onions - 12/04/2014

Cool.  I'm going to grow celery in windows facing east and north.

Cool both of you!

Growing celery from scraps imgur

The bottom of one large celery - 16/04/2014

Ooh! Coming along nicely!!

Welp... someone home decided it was just junk and threw my little babies to the trash...


Gonna start a new one, with more things, and a bloody sign "You throw them, I throw you."!

Sad! I hope your new ones are untouched so they have a chance to grow.

Thumbs up!




I had nothing else to compensate my loss, so I've planted 2 white beans and a bunch of lentils in the little garden in which my Easter chocolate bunny came.



I'm gonna try to make a time-lapse of its growth, and will post a gif of it. : )

Super nice!  And what a great homage to Earth Day!

Yes, Oce that's beautiful!


Oooo, everything is coming up nicely!

Life finds a way!  Beanie Babies!


Looking more like its parent every day.

Aww very cute

Yes Geege that's adorable!

About one month later...


Coming along nicely!

Wow!  Beautiful!

I think my celery is ready for dirt.


Looks like it's ready for dirt to me, Geege!

Nice Geege, time to get dirty I guess!

Geege I like revisiting your celery plant. :)

Me too!  Two years flew by!

See also 15 foods you can regrow from scraps.

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