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Reincarnation Isn't Kind to Trump, Zuckerberg and Gates in Luxury Magazine Ads | Adweek

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Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg get reincarnated as an owl, a llama and a sheep, respectively, in AlmapBBDO's unusual campaign for Top Magazine, a luxury fashion and lifestyle title in Brazil.

"In his next life, even Donald Trump could come back as an owl," we're told. "The time to enjoy your money is now."

The visuals are most amusing. Gates keeps his trademark glasses, while Zuck's wooly locks and dental work survive the transformation. And of course, Trump's hair is still atrociously—wait for it, because it's worth the wait, here it comes—feathered. (OK, it wasn't worth the wait.)

Belgium's TMF channel tried a similar theme in 2008, showing Amy Winehouse as a sad sheep in a most unsavory barnyard scenario. And a South African employment site once suggested that lawyers, tobacco execs and paparazzi would return as ticks, maggots and dung-heap flies. By comparison, Top's beastly trio really don't fare so badly at all. C'mon, Zuck, why the long face?

Mark Zuckerberg sheep meme reincarnation Imgur

Bill Gates llama meme reincarnation Imgur

I don't know. I think it makes them a little more lovable.

Gates or Zuck?

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