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When An Explorer's Body Begins to Eat Itself

When there's nothing left to eat, your body's on the menu. Author Peter Stark explores how the boy consumes itself during starvation.

When there's nothing left to eat, your body's on the menu. 


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Great Sunday read....

Did you read Dune by Frank Herbert?

Yesh.  I get the reference.  :)

I don't get the reference. Did they have to eat themselves to survive?

Spice harvesters had special biological adaptations, like extra blood clotting, to conserve need for water on a desert planet. (From memory, long ago.)

When our bodies are starving, they reallocate resources to keep the brain active.

The reference was mostly about surviving in the desert.I remember how they would save water in a crazy way. The have systems to recycle water from urine and faeces, and they take out all the water from a dead fellow not to waist any drop.Drinkable water will probably become the first cause of conflicts in this century, maybe we'll have to learn some tips from this 1965 book!

Oh yeah - crying for the dead was considered a waste of water.  

Geege thanks for the understanding.

Oce, maybe not, thanks to this finding from Geege:

Yeah let's hope science will be used to preserve peace in this century. : )

It would be a fitting follow-up to Oppenheimer's century.

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