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Easy to Read Map of Westeros

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A History of Ice and Fire:

Vol 2 - House Targaryen: 

Vol 3 - House Stark: 

Vol 4 - House Lannister: 

Vol 5 - House Baratheon: 

Vol 6 - House Martell: 

Vol 7 - North of the Wall: 

Vol 8 - House Greyjoy: 


Theories - Jon Snow: 

 Theories - Secret Targs: 


George R.R. Martin did an amazing job of building thousands of years of thought out history to support all of his wonderful characters and bring his books to life. Fans of the books get a glimpse of this rich history in much more detail than those who have only enjoyed the show so I decided to compile an album sharing some of the history of Westeros.

This album will not have spoilers! 

These are all things that happened pre-books/show:

Westeros map easy to read - Maps of Ice and Fire - Imgur

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