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Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9 "The Watchers on the Wall" gifs and memes

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What an intense episode! Will add memes and gifs as I find them.

Season 4 Spoilers Premiere Discussion 4 09 The Watchers on the Wall gameofthrones

Reddit discussion of this episode:     

What the beef between the Wildlings and the Night's Watch is about:

Jon Snow is looking more and more like a commander.

"Who's left to give orders? The Wildling army is only an army because of Mance."


It's really the only winning strategy for beating a 100,000 person army with just a handful of people.

Jon Snow impressive gif Imgur

That Samwell Gilly kiss!

And LOL at Sam taking a legalistic approach to the vows of the Night's Watch!

And LOL at Sam's bro speak.

Sam's idea of bro talk: "How big were your girl's...feet?"

Tormund's idea of bro talk: "Lemme tell you about this bear I fooked..."

Sam has achieved: The Power of Love

Sam has achieved: The Power of Duty

Sam has leveled up to MAN.

Remember when Sam only had one job?

imgur: the simple image sharer

Have to watch it again!  Pretty much only saw the Samwell kiss, giants, flaming arrows, a mammoth with its ass on fire, and then Ygritte wishing she'd never left that cave.

That's a pretty good summary of this episode! Now I'm wondering what you missed.

Gilly promise me you won't die Sam meme Game of Thrones s4e9 watchers on the wall Imgur

Samwell Sam Jon Snow how big were her feet meme Game of Thrones s4e9 watchers on the wall Imgur Sam asking the most important question of all

The Maester Targaryen would have been king?!

I was hoping he would telepathically summon the dragons to defend the wall!!

Thank you Ygritte for giving us one more "you know nothing Jon Snow".

Ygritte you know nothing Jon Snow gif Imgur Game of Thrones s2e7 s4e9 watchers on the wall

"Don't cheer too loud. They still outnumber us 1000 to 1."

P.S. We are not questioning Slynt's honor; we're denying its existence.

Slynt meme game of thrones s4e9 watchers on the wall Imgur And the Biggest Pussy in Westeros Award Goes To.....

Reddit comments:

THAT'S how they ended this episode?! Nooooooooooooo!!

Olly nod gif Imgur kid with bow game of thrones s4e9 watchers on the wall

watchers on the wall downvote gif Imgur game of thrones s4e9

Great GoT stash!  Thank you.

You're very welcome! And you're right that this episode stands up to multiple viewings.

So much happens. What an episode!

I've watched it four or five times now. Both Jon and Samwell are queried about love and war, respectively.

Jon Snow's description of being in love:  It's like you're more than yourself.

Samwell Tarley's description of killing a White Walker:  It's like you're no one.

Those are so vivid. Makes me think they're setting up Jon and Sam for bigger things.

With Aemon as their mentor:

And I still love this: "She had red hair."

I added more comments to this analysis, too:

Next episode -- the final episode of season 4 -- just might be the best episode yet.

Awesome, thanks!  

"She had red hair" cracks me up.

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