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She had red hair. ~Jon Snow to Sam Tarly S4E9

she had red hair meme jon snow sam tarly game of thrones s4e9 watchers on the wall Imgur what was she like seven hells shes hideous ygritte tormund

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I love Sam and Jon discussing women in Game of Thrones episode 4.09.

The joke above is that Jon is talking about Ygritte but Sam sees Tormund. Haha.

Best Reddit comment:

"What was she like?"


She was incredible. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever met. She became my world. The way she laughed, the way she smiled, with those crooked teeth. She was my other half, taught me things I never knew, things I never knew a man should know. Eyes blue and grey, colour of the winter sky.h I fell in love with her. But as we marched south, I knew I could never keep her, and cherished every second I had with her. We were one... right up until we weren't. I betrayed her, and nothing I do can ever take that back. I have lost her, lost her love, lost her affection, lost everything that meant anything to me, except for my vows.

"She... had red hair."

That's from a thread at /r/asoiaf here:

Spoilers in that thread btw.

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S4E9 She had red hair gameofthrones

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