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Jaime Lannister holding coffee at the purple wedding

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Photo taken at a rehearsal?

Jaime Lannister holding coffee at the purple wedding gif Imgur Game of Thrones s4e2 lion and the rose

Reddit comments:

Not only does he have coffee, but he got his hand back too... must be the lord of light's doing.

For the roast is dark and full of caffeine.

I'm guessing shot of the cast, not during filming! lol

Heh heh. They're in full clothing so dress rehearsal?

Cersei Lannister purple wedding meme Imgur Game of Thrones 4x02 lion and the rose

Behind the scenes of the purple wedding:

Oberyn likes coffee, too.

Oberyn Starbucks coffee meme Imgur Pedro pascal subway train

As the creator of the gifset, I can tell you it's from a dress rehearsal. I had the link in the original posting, but sometimes it slips past people or they tend not to look.

Thank you for the gifs, Courtney!

And the Reddit link above has a comment that says the same thing, if only I had read it:

there are a lot of behind the scenes clips on youtube, uploaded by the show here is their channel (there are obviously a lot of spoilers for the show on the official channel), this (spoilers s4e2) at around 0:25 is the clip that the gif is from.

I would have thought they'd have a "no coffee on the set" policy even for dress rehearsals!

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