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RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature

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I have liked every RSA Animate video I've seen.

Me too, some better than others, but I like them all, maybe that makes us visual learners?  or maybe all people are visual learners to some extent? 

The more senses used, the better.

We absorb information best by using multiple senses. Make your impressions visual, verbal and auditory. A study done at the University of Texas found that people remember (Metcalf 1997): 

10 percent of what they read; 

20 percent of what they hear; 

30 percent of what they see; 

50 percent of what they see and hear; 

70 percent of what they say; and 

90 percent of what they do and say 

From: Metcalf, T. (1997) Listening to your clients, Life Association News, 92(7) p16 - 18


I think I learned something similar: Learn it, Do it, Teach it.

You are hearing a lot of Daft Punk lyrics in stashes lately ;) lol

Oh, I see where you're getting your motivation ;)

And inspiration!

That Daft Punk console is no longer on the web.

Now it's an iTunes app called iDaft:

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