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Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk gif

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Daft Hands:

Daft Bodies:

Daft Technologic:

the hand guy is incredible!  he has magic fingers!!  i can't get my fingers to do anything like that!

Me neither. How much practice must that have taken?

my niece is a signer of american sign language and she was impressed!  "perfect hands" she said.

Perfect hands AND a lot of practice, I'm sure. That combination IS impressive. 

daft punk thumbs up gif

daft punk clapping gif

daft punk smile gif

daft punk upvote gif

omg that last tool is so cool!!  i love technologic, and i've been wanting to animate a cute little character to it, but i don't have the flash prowess or the time.  :)  this is so fun, though!

It is a lot of fun! I'm glad you discovered it... A hidden gem sitting at the bottom of a long page. :)

cute little pusheen dance gif Imgur tumblr

pandawhale is full of hidden gems!!

A lot of diamonds in the rough!

Cute little animal dancing gif

Cute little animal dancing gif

monkey stealing hubcap gif imgur tumblr cute little animal dancing gif

the monkey with the hubcap!!!!  WHAT is he going to do with a HUBCAP?!?!

He has a plan!

omg!  they even got a side mirror off!!  :)

They're very clever. 

Almost as clever as the cat who figured out how to open doors:

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