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Cat Opening Door video: When a cat learns to open doors, nowhere is safe.

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They had to put that water there to deter the cat.

But the cat was undeterred -- it learned to deal with the water barrier too!

time for knobs instead of levers!

I get the impression that cat could figure out knobs, too.

I think it's time for locks!

or grease!

Good idea! Grease is the Word.

wow.  that brings back memories!!  i must have seen that a hundred times when i was a kid!

Me too and I had no idea how racy that was when I was watching it!

that's so true!  which is a good reminder for me: sometimes i wonder how much of the adult stuff my kids are understanding... probably not as much as i fear!!


Like you, I saw this intro a hundred times as a kid and yet I have ZERO memory of any of it.

Cat opening door is more impressive than monkey stealing hubcap.

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