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Game of Thrones season 4 episode 3 "Breaker of Chains" gifs and memes

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Reddit discussion of this episode:

Will add more gifs and memes to this page as I find them.

They all lack wisdom:

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You know who DOES show wisdom lately? Jon Snow.

Reddit comments:

That moment when you realize you don't have any juice anymore.

Tywin Tommen Cersei gif Imgur Game of Thrones 4x03 breaker of chains S4E3 That moment you realize you don't have the juice anymore - Imgur

Best part of the Grantland article:

And then morning comes, and Arya wakes to the sound of a very naive man being punched in the face by reality. The Hound has taken the money and is more than ready to take off. Arya, with her Ned-ish sense of decency still intact, protests. “He fed us, his daughter makes a nice stew, and they’ll both be dead come winter,” Clegane replies. When Arya calls him a shit, he shrugs. “Plenty worse than me. I just understand the way things are. How many Starks they got to behead before you figure it out?”

“Understanding the way things are” is the most valuable trait in Westeros; it’s more precious than gold, more rare than obsidian. Ser Davos has it. It kept him alive when he couldn’t read; it kept him focused when he couldn’t point. It was no coincidence the Iron Bank was mentioned last week. (For extra details on that particular institution, be sure to read the latest missive from the Maester.) Now it seems Davos is planning on finding out just how willing the Lannisters really are to pay their debts. If Stannis’s armies can’t defeat the usurpers, perhaps a strongly worded letter can?

From opposite sides of a war, Jon Snow and Ygritte seem to get it, too. They’ll fight side by side with cannibals and break bread with rapists if it furthers their cause. And even in the depths of a dungeon, Tyrion still knows the score. It doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do — what matters is who stands to benefit if he gets stuck with the blame. Not that this knowledge is helping matters much. At least not yet. A week after Old Yeller–ing Shae, Tyrion is forced to do it again to his beloved squire, Podrick. (And don’t get me started on Sam doing the same thing to Gilly. People of Westeros: Stop taking Sting literally!) I loved the way Peter Dinklage took special care with the word “loyal” at the end of the scene. He knows it’s a compliment that will have special resonance for a decent boy like Podrick; he also knows it’s a naive, increasingly worthless concept that’s liable to get a decent boy — or anyone, really — killed.

And then there’s Tywin. There’s no question the eldest Lannister has been the most successful player in the first three years of Game of Thrones. (He’s also, thanks to the deliciously deadpan Charles Dance, the best character. Watch his face when Oberyn offers him a seat on his orgy-bed. Now watch it again. How is it possible for a man to smile so fiendishly without moving a single muscle?) He’s the sort of tactical genius who works best on the fly; his counterpunch is even more deadly than his punch. But it takes real sweat to make everything look so effortless. How long can he keep it up?

The scene in which Tywin schooled his surviving grandson on the finer points of leadership was a stunner. (Here’s hoping DVD extras will include bonus footage of the second half of the conversation: Tywin’s historically rich, emotion-free explanation of the birds and the bees.) Pivoting almost instantly from shock and rage to cool, levelheaded counsel, Tywin reached into the same history books that Stannis hopes to avoid to spin a positively Rumsfeldian anecdote about the value of recognizing the unknown knowns. It was good theater and, it seemed, good crisis management. Tommen seems like a sweet enough boy; temperamentally, he appears to be Joffrey’s exact opposite — but then, so would anyone or anything short of a rabid weasel. He’ll be far more likely to take his grandfather’s counsel. And the benefits of Joffrey’s death don’t end there for Tywin; his postcoital parlay with Oberyn suggests an advantageous partnership for both sides. While other characters have recognized individual dangers massing on the margins — Stannis knows about the White Walkers; Varys is concerned about Daenerys — only Tywin is considering the big picture. Stability can’t win wars, but it can stop you from defeating yourself.

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