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Cat desk

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Some kitties love to hang around while their people sit at desks, so this is the one you can both enjoy!

It looks like a highly evolved catdesk creature with a cat head and desk legs and body!

Catitecture is evidently the term for architecture designed for cats; Caturniture doesn't seem to be a thing, but might be more appropriate for this lovely desk that accommodates people and cats at the same time.

It's designed by Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture in Hong Kong and Hangzhou, and was seen at Milan Design Week.

It's called a "CATable" and sadly it is not for sale:




So cute!

The CATable Is A Table For You And Your Cat - PandaWhale

Cat sofa!

Cat Tunnel Sofa Is A Conceptual Couch That Simultaneously Lets People Rest And Cats Play - PandaWhale

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