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If Scoble Doesn't Want Google Glass, Who Does?

Google Glass Just Lost Its Biggest Cheerleader

In the months since his shower, Scoble has continued to be Glass’ biggest champion, including it in every aspect of his daily life. Back in January he recorded audio and took pictures of a group of teenage girls as he asked them about Glass, prompting outrage from many who found the exchange unpalatable and creepy.

But this past weekend, Scoble announced that he’d had enough. After a disheartening weekend at the Coachella Music Festival, Scoble admitted in aFacebook post that the product he’s affixed to his face for the past year is flawed, noting, “Google has launched this product poorly.”

Here’s Scoble’s full statement:

Last night before Skrillex at Coachella came on two guys were talking next to me. One said “I want to get away from the Google Glass guys.”I turn around and there are two guys wearing Glass.Google does have a problem here.I haven’t worn mine at all this weekend.What is going on here in a world where I am carrying around a camera and EVERYONE uses their phones or a GoPro but Glass feels freaky and weird?Google has launched this product poorly, is what.But wearable technology needs a different set of skills than Google has. What? Empathy.

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"Wearable technology needs... Empathy." <--- Whoa, I did NOT see this coming!

smart man

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