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Facebook Knows Everything About You, And If You Don't Believe Us Here's Proof from Ubisoft Watch Dogs Digital Shadow

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A marketing stunt for the upcoming Ubisoft game "Watch Dogs" is inadvertently allowing users to check how well they've set up their Facebook privacy settings.

The campaign called "Digital Shadow", which currently is available only in the US, requests permission to access a user's account and then pulls information to build a comprehensive dossier of the user as if he or she were an assassin's target. And we do mean comprehensive.

They know me too well.

Digital Shadow first shows users the photos they've tagged as public, then it moves on to examine their friends. It shows users which of their Facebook friends they interact with most, which interact with them the most, which they don't interact with at all, and (gulp) which friends they've been stalking that haven't been stalking them back. (Those who've been keeping tabs on their exes should avoid this section at all costs.)

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