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Peyton Manning talks - ESPN

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Manning seems to love the new air he breathes. He's got a Colorado driver's license, has already registered to vote and has moved into his new 16,000-square-foot home.

But since he arrived, the Colorado news sections have been full of disaster and death. First came the wildfires that left over 300 homes in ashes. Then came the "Batman" mass murder of 12 at a Century 16 theater in nearby Aurora.

"I'm trying to figure out ways I can help," sighs Manning. "It's been tough." He called two of the moms of the slain theater victims to offer sympathy.

"You know, I learned something through this whole [neck] injury thing. People would call or text and say, 'Hey, we're thinking of you. You're in our prayers.' And at first I was like, 'Nah, I'm fine. I'm good. Don't worry about me.' But after a while, I learned to appreciate what they were saying. They were taking time out to let you know they were worried about you. They meant it. They cared. And you start to be grateful for it. And so I try to do more of that now.

"But as a parent, I can't imagine. I'm lucky. I got the greatest blessing a person can have -- twins. [Mosley, a boy, and Marshall, a girl, are now 16 months.] God gave me that gift. So I didn't need the injury to remind me how lucky I am. I realize how lucky I am every day."


The way he carries himself since Tennessee has been an inspiration for me.

I love his attitude of gratitude.

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