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Can Google Hold Back Facial Recognition For Glass? | The Security Ledger

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Inevitable that there will be facial recognition, or inevitable that there will be backlash against it?

both. inevitable that there will be facial recognition. it will take place for in public places by govt's around the world. it is already being used. ATM cameras, parking lot cameras, lots of public and private footage that capture your face in public without consent. 

That's true that it's already in use. What's missing is the backlash. I guess that will come eventually.

I hope we can opt out of being facially recognized in public, but I fear not, it seems like this is the way of the future :(

opt out. haha. live away from society? 

It's hard enough to keep people from tagging you on Facebook!

Solution:  Pixelating cosmetics and clothing.  

that does exist already. The makeup is a lot of white/dark contrast to through off the computers.  I think someone posted something like this already on PW months ago. 

Yes but it's helpful to see it again, Jared.

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