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Why Your Conversational IQ Matters and How to Boost Your Score

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Glaser: The first step is becoming aware of the impact you have on others. There are two common syndromes that happen at work: the first is called tell, tell, sell, yell. I tell you, you don’t get it. I tell you again, you still don’t get it. I try to sell the idea to you, but it seems to go over your head, so start I start to yell at you. It’s a very ineffective and unhealthy routine.The second syndrome is an addiction to being right: I’m defending my point of view, to the point where my only goal is to make sure that you get what I get. It eliminates any give or take in a conversation.Either syndrome will make you look egocentric. Strive instead for sharing and discovering. Ask non-judgmental questions. Ask more questions than you answer. Discover everything you can about the person you are speaking with.