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Elis Regina Carvalho Costa HD


Elis Regina Carvalho Costa (Portuguese pronunciation: [eˈlis ʁeˈʒinɐ]; Porto Alegre, March 17, 1945 – São Paulo, January 19, 1982) was a singer of Brazilian popular music.[1] She became nationally renowned in 1965, after singing "Arrastão" (composed by Edu Lobo and Vinícius de Moraes) in the first edition of TV Excelsior festival song contest, and soon joined O Fino da Bossa, a television program on TV Record. Elis was noted for her vocalization, as well as for her personal interpretation and performances in shows. She recorded several successful compositions, such as "Como nossos pais" (Belchior), "Upa Neguinho" (E. Lobo and Gianfrancesco Guarnieri), "Madalena" (Ivan Lins), "Casa no Campo" (Zé Rodrix and Tavito), "Águas de Março" (Tom Jobim), "Atrás da porta" (Chico Buarque and Francis Hime), "O bêbado e a equilibrista" (Aldir Blanc and João Bosco), "Conversando no bar" (Milton Nascimento), etc. Her premature death, at the age of 36, shocked Brazil. Elis Regina is regarded as the best Brazilian singer of all time by many critics, musicians, and commentators.

Death- She died like many American musicians.

Elis Regina died at the age of 36 in 1982, from an accidental cocaine, alcohol, and temazepam interaction.[1] More than 15,000 people, among friends, relatives and fans, held her wake at Teatro Bandeirantes, in São Paulo, with large groups of fans singing her songs. More than 100,000 people followed her funeral procession throughout São Paulo. She was buried in Cemitério do Morumbi.

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I love her voice.

Me too, and that style of music, Bossa Nova?


Bossa nova is one genre of Brazilian music, which developed and was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s and is today one of the best-known Brazilian music genres abroad. The phrase bossa nova means literally "new trend" (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbɔsɐ ˈnɔvɐ] ( listen)). A lyrical fusion of samba and jazz, bossa nova acquired a large following in the 1960s initially among young musicians and college students.[2] Since its birth, it has remained a vital part of the standard jazz repertoire.

Yes -- it's a very stylish form of jazz. Good stuff!

Duet version


Elis Regina

"Waters of March"

A stick , a stone, it is the end of the road

It's the rest of a stump , it's a little alone

It's a sliver of glass , it is life is the sun

It is night, it is death, it is a tie , the hook is

It peroba the field , is the knot of wood

Caingá Candela , is the Matita Pereira

It is wooden wind , fall from the bluff

It is the profound mystery , is like it or not

Is the wind blowing , it's the end of the slope,

It's a beam , it's going to party the ridge

It's raining rain , is the river bank talks

Waters of March is the end of weariness

Is the foot , is the floor is the estradeira march

Bird in the hand , slingstone

Is the bird in the sky , is a bird on the ground ,

It's a stream , is a source , is a piece of bread

Is the bottom , is the end of the road

The disgust on his face is a little alone

It is a splinter , is a nail , is an account , it is a tale

It is a raindrop dripping , is an account , a point is

It's a fish , it's a gesture , it is a shining silver

It's the morning light , the brick is coming

It's burning , is the day is the end of the trail

Is the bottle of sugarcane , the shrapnel on the road

It is the design of the house , the body in bed

It's stalled car , it's the mud , it's the mud

It's a step , is a bridge , is a sapo , is a frog

It's the rest of the bush , in the morning light

Summer are the waters of March Closing

It is the promise of life in your heart

It is a snake is a stick, a John Joseph is

It is a thorn in the hand , is a cut on the foot

Summer are the waters of March Closing

It is the promise of life in your heart

A stick , a stone, it is the end of the road

It's the rest of a stump , it's a little alone

It's a step , is a bridge , is a sapo , is a frog

It is a Belo Horizonte , is the tertian fever.


Hey guys, if you like her voice, you will like her daughter's too. Her kid looks very much like her and sings beautifully too, but she is more into samba like songs. Her name is Maria Rita: 

This song is one of her mom's most famous - Como Nossos Pais. Have fun!

It is beautiful! Thank you Juliana!!

I get an error message for that link "The uploader has not made this video available in your country".  I think this is the same song/performance?

Yes it's the same. Weird YouTube makes us bend over backwards to see things.

1 hour concert showing her range of music, very nice :)

I skipped around -- you're right, she has a lot of range. 

Here's a video by her :)

Ha! Cake used the same technique in this video:

"Is that it?  There you go!"

Heh heh, some of those folks in the Cake video are characters.

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