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The Hound's quote in S4E5 about armor and Syrio Forel and his wooden sword bugged me.

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s4e5 Hound s quote about armor and Syrio s wooden sword bugged me gameofthrones

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I think the Hound's quote about armor and a big sword more serves to illustrate the difference in Arya's life now. She's no longer in the world of fancy sword play and honorable combat, she's in the world of protecting yourself and gutting someone before they gut you. The Hound excels in that world and Arya will have to as well if she's going to make it.

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I like this scene so much better in the books because it really shows Syrio's skill. He doesn't just knock down and disarm the Lannister guards, the five guards are all dead or dying after facing him. He shatters someone's windpipe, jabs the wooden sword into another's eye socket, and dodges a slash that kills third guard instead. It would have been really hard to film, but I think it lends credibility to the theory that he survived.