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Adsense Revenue for the Beginning of Plenty of Fish

Adsense Breakdown Plenty of fish blog


Its coming up on 8 years ago in a few weeks now since I posted a cheque for 900k for 2 months of adsense revenue.    I’m going to post the history of adsense from the day I added adsense to the site so that there is some context to how POF went from 1 pageview to billions.   Keep in mind by the time 2006 rolled around this was one revenue stream of many.    After I posted that cheque the site really exploded,  3 years later in May 2009 when I hired my first developer the site was  doing  2.2 Billion pageviews a month and we are over 10 billion a month today.    

Thinking back now I am amazed I was able to do what I did.   I spent at least 2 to 3 months of every year traveling,  and during this time there where insane scaling issues.  But somehow I still managed to create the largest dating site in the world without a single employee and travel the world!

I constantly hear from people that the cheque i posted back in 2006 inspired them to start a company,  I hope that this will continue to inspire people and for people to see success is not instant, it does take a little while and when you have a extremely successful company this is what the month by month looks like in the early days.

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That is freaking phenomenal. I wonder if his AdSense rates are anything near that now.

Probably not but he does note multiple revenue streams now and 10 billion pageviews a month.

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