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Keys to Success: 6 Traits the Most Successful People Have in Common |

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Keys To Success #4: Flexibility

Here’s where it gets more Machiavellian.

(And lest you interpret that the wrong way, remember that Machiavelli was not an evil man – he was a historian who said looking at the past, here’s what works and what doesn’t.)

Pfeffer notes that flexibility — changing your position — can confer a great deal of power because it allows you to tailor your presentation, pivot when things aren’t working, and acquire necessary allies.

#5 is willingness to fight and #6 is willingness to get along.

The key is knowing when to do each.

What I find interesting is that #2 through #6 fall under the umbrella of emotional intelligence. When it comes to success, EQ means much more than IQ.

You're right. We really need to teach more EQ in schools.

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