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Cosmo: Should You Try to Snag a Hot Techie Boyfriend?

This Month in Cosmo Should You Try to Snag a Hot Techie Boyfriend


id you know that "Hollywood It Girls are snatching up web entrepreneurs like they're the latest iPhone upgrade?" If you read June's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine you do! It includes an article that explains how and why these unnamed sorceresses (and me when I was still dating my ex-boyfriend) date techies and how you can get one of your very own.

The infographic is featured in Cosmo's Cosmo's "Manthropology" section with the title "Bros & Cons: The Start-Up Techie." As a woman who once snagged a start-up techie of her own, I can report that it is VERY informative. Why if I had had this kind of guide when I was 22, I might avoided a lot of confusion and heartache as I attempted to grapple with this strange and mysterious sub-species of men.

Pros to dating a nerd tech start-up bro: Nerds are so hot right now! They're so hot that every woman's favorite social media platform agrees. "Scan Pinterest and you'll see: Urkel glasses are the new Wayfarers and sweater-vests are practically leather jackets (have you seen Drake lately?)"

But the trick is is that nerds don't know they're hot right now! "He scores points in World of Warcraft, but scoring girls is new for him."

Finally, he's actually smart, unlike those other dumb dumbs you've dated, which means he's the rare unicorn of a man who is both good in bed and good to talk to because he has "five different degrees."

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It is disconcerting to see the words "nerd" and "bro" in the same sentence.

... and utter bullshit.  SoMa-Marina/SantaMonica/PaloAlto Bro douchebags spending more time each at hipster scene events and the gym than coding their pathetic and derivative Ruby mobile app do not a nerd make.

The wrongness in this article rises to the adjective "opaque".  Solid wrong.

I took the article to be written tongue-in-cheek.

I mean, there are no points in World of Warcraft.

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