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Things Parisians Do That Stun New Yorkers And Vice Versa

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The French educated classes don't feel the need to install giant cupholders on their kids' strollers for the venti ice mocha that they don't sip while not wearing sweats and not treating their kids like buddies. NOT LIKE US!!!

Heh. America has truly become casual:

Parisians do not walk around in gym clothes or sweatpants unless they are actually exercising. After a few days in Paris, you will notice a far higher percentage of Parisians, male and female, who rock a nice scarf, a smart blazer, pressed pants, and formal shoes than you see in New York. Parisians find Americans who “hang out” in their sweats, even to run an errand, a little disgusting. "When I first moved here,  I disliked having to get dressed up to go anywhere," says Pamela Druckerman, an American who has been raising her children in Paris for nearly a decade and is the author of the bestsellingBringing Up Bébé, a shrewd comparison of New York-versus-Paris parenting styles. "Now," she admits, "I'm slightly snobbish about people who walk around in sweatpants."

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