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What is The Population of Westeros?

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Good but long article -- here's the summary:

Shockingly, all three methods returned similar results.  Population density resulted in an estimate between 32.9 million and 60.75 million, while city size and army size returned almost identical figures of 41.5 million and 40.5 million. We’ve made a number of assumptions and drawn a lot of parallels, but as best as we can do, we can estimate (let’s say +/- 10%) a population of Westeros from approximately 36 million to 44 million.

To put those numbers into perspective, here are some modern day countries which have populations within that range: Ukraine (45m), Argentina (42m), Canada (35m), Iraq (34m). If you prefer United States, it would be near the population of California (38m) or the combined populations of Texas and New York (46m) or New York and Florida (39m).

If you’re more into geographic regions here in the US, the population of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (the Mid-Atlantic region) combined is 41.3 million, while the population of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin (East North Central region) is 46.6 million. Westeros, according to our estimate, has twice as many people as Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming combined (22.8 million).

Doing this project has given me a vastly greater appreciation for the show, which at times can move very fast.  Like for instance, when Stannis and Ser Davos went to the Iron Bank last week and admitted that they had only 4,000 soldiers and 32 ships? Well, now I know, that’s not very good.

In another scene, Daenerys Targaryen asks whether 9,300 soldiers would be enough to take King’s Landing and Jorah is hesitant. He answers, "It could be enough. But we’re not fighting to make you queen of King’s Landing. Ten thousand men cannot conquer Westeros."

Good point about the ships and soldiers!  In context, not nearly enough.

Until I read this analysis I thought all of Westeros was like 500k people. I was so off!

So yeah, no wonder Jorah gives Danaerys that "you and what army" look.

Here's a map for reference:

What is The Population of Westeros through S4 Ep 6 no book spoilers The Read Zone

Is Highgarden the Santa Barbara of The Reach?  :)

Haha, no, it's landlocked.

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