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Led Zeppelin Is Getting Sued Over ‘Stairway to Heaven’ |

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In 1997, California went public with his claims about the origins of “Stairway to Heaven.” “I’d say it was a ripoff,” California said inListener magazine. “And the guys made millions of bucks on it and never said ‘Thank you,’ never said, ‘Can we pay you some money for it?’ It’s kind of a sore point with me.” However, California and Spirit never sued, even though fans had noted the similarity between the songs for years. “Nobody had any money, and they thought the statute of limitations was done,” Mick Skidmore, who manages California’s trust, explained to Businessweek.

Now, as Led Zeppelin prepares to release remastered deluxe versions of their original albums, including “Stairway to Heaven,” California’s trust is finally springing to action with a copyright-infringement suit and an injunction that would block Led Zeppelin IV’s reissue.

“The idea behind this is to make sure that Randy California is given a writing credit on ‘Stairway to Heaven,’” Malofiy said. They are most likely seeking monetary reparations as well. Businessweek quotes an estimate that by 2008, “Stairway to Heaven” had earned at least $562 million.

So in the absolute, they don't care to have been stolen, but now that there are millions to be made, they magically change their mind.

Art and money, not a good a mix.

OR it's a Spirit GMAFB and Feel My Wrath mashup.  

I would say it's Led Zeppelin who doesn't care that they stole the music, and now they will be forced to care.  Enforced feels, if you will.

Oce I like your new avatar!

Geege I've never heard Spirit GMAFB or Feel My Wrath.

Ha ha, no.  I meant Spirit's REACTION might be GMAFB and Feel My Wrath.  :)

Oce, it IS a nifty new avatar!

Oh oh oh -- I see. Have you heard the Randy California version?

I'm listening to it now and yes they sound similar but it's not a total ripoff.

Agreed.  But Spirit's case has some merit.

So I don't think they have a case.

My answer to this story is CC-BY all the things!


That's how my friend MC drew my avatar in the first place, I just applied an Ascii conversion on it for a video I did.

MC is an awesome French cartoonist who's making his first professionnal comics right now.

That's his website:

MC Drew comic imgur

Cool comic!

I think Led Zeppelin cannot admit its a derivative work or they'll be forced to pay a lot.

I wonder what happened in this case. 

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