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How Being Unfocused Can Take Your Career To The Next Level - Forbes

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Being focused is critical, but it can also be fatal. Learn about the relationship building mistake that almost everyone makes, but no one knows about.

If I understand your article correctly, the mistake people make is to choose people like themselves.

That is, similar background and industry.

And if I understand your prescription correctly, the key takeaway is to be mindful while growing your network to look for diversity of backgrounds and opinions, for they allow for other voices to enter your life.

Hi Adam - Yes. This is exactly the point. Do you feel like that was communicated clearly? I'm always open to feedback and trying to get better :)

I do think it was clear, and I also admit that it is very hard to do!

It's challenging enough to keep in touch with people we have common industry with.

Talking with people in other trades requires the kind of context switching I find very challenging.

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