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Morgan Freeman Voice

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The most satisfying thing about this image is the fact that you are probably reading this in Morgan Freeman's voice.

It's amazing, this phenomenon. Just by simply seeing a picture of someone, your brain instantly makes the connection to the most memorable thing about them.

There could be anything in the world written on this image, and in your brain, it would sound amazing because you have Morgan Freeman narrating it...

Cue the xkcd...


This came up because of the Michael Phelps Morgan Freeman commercial:

There was a commercial recently that I could swear sounded like a Julia Roberts voiceover. It wasn't as I can't find the commercial, but I did find an article saying celebrity voiceovers aren't worth as much influence as they used to be.

That's a shame. Product placement doesn't help much either.

Morgan Freeman is... The Narrator.

Good luck.


If was actually hard for me to imagine Morgan Freeman's voice saying that just by reading it.

You're lucky. Now that I have Morgan Freeman in my head everything I'm thinking of sounds like him.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

BTW WTF are "titty sprinkles"?

NSFW: Tumblr tag for titty sprinkles. Also not recommended: Google image search

"you sick, sick people"

David, you have no idea! There's actually a Steam community... :)