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Reddit is Loading = Pangolin or Bobtail Cat in Hamster Wheel gif

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This is what it feels like when Imgur or Reddit is loading... slowly...


Yes! Does that make it an ocelot or just an American Bobtail?

cat bobtail

Reddit comments say that there is an peninsula in Denmark called Reersø that has a large population of cats that are born without a tail.


imgur: the simple image sharer

That doesn't look like a cat to me!

I think American Bobtail or Japanese Bobtail as far as official breeds, but I guess a Danish breed as well!  That pangolin is quite unusual, mammal yet looks like a reptile, looks like an armadillo.

It DOES look like an armadillo.

Bobtails are adorable, too.

eeek! i need a pet pangolin!!

They are rather adorable, Emily:

pangolin gif

pangolin gif