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Sikh Soldiers allowed to serve in US Army

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I don't plan to give any link-love to the nutter "white supremacist" Army veteran who shot up a Sikh temple last week, but I just wanted to share this awesome photo of the first Sikh Army officer in 23 years. LOVE the camo turban! This is Captain Tejdeep Singh Rattan, a Sikh warrior for the USA.

That Camo Turban is very stylish. Everyone is going to want one!

Hate to break this to you Panda... but I'm pretty sure you have to be a Sikh warrior to wear one without looking like a prat.

I do not mind looking like a prat. :)

Some things the Army does right

The army does a lot right. This is certainly one of them.

pretty cool that his captain insignia is on the front of his turban... also got me thinking about a fundamental founding principle of this country - the right to religious freedom - and how the desire to secure and protect that right was originally implemented by the first US military institutions(Army and Navy). glad to see that the US Army is still true to its mission. now, if only the extremists (left & right) in this country could get back to the basics.... booya!

Wasn't there a badass Sikh mine-sapper in "The English Patient"? Yeah, I saw The English Patient, shut up.

Yes, Kip is a Sikh combat engineer in The English Patient.

P.S. Christine -- I agree about your point about the right to religious freedom!

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