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Clarity – Seeing Autism For The First Time | My Alternate Universe

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Many people don't understand autism, including parents. The moment of truth changes a family's life forever. In this post from "My Alternate Universe," one mom experiences her moment of truth. It's a beautiful story. The rest of the blog is a key read for any early childhood educator learning about children with autism as well as parents who have concerns. 

Good story. Autism IS very hard to understand. It makes no sense.

That's the whole point. However, it does make sense after a while. I work with a lot of students (and some adults) with autism, and the fact is that society misunderstands them greatly. Many of my students are geniuses in their areas--it's important to find their thing. I was speaking to the class about the importance of having five friends of vision, not friends who high-five you for failing. 

"What if you don't have five friends? Or any?" It was a clinical question. I never lie. 

"Well, you have one good friend, I see that, and you're a brilliant writer. I'm guessing that'll carry you through life along with your drawing and biotech. I don't think I'd hire you for a customer service team." She laughed. It was the truth. Education has to support these kids with honesty and get them where they can be amazing rather than slapping labels all the time. The little boy in the story is not as high functioning as my girl in this story, but knowing the opportunities and getting the right people involved is key and relief for any family. 

I think because there are different degrees of severity, it's hard to understand what autism actually is.

It's actually because there are entirely different characteristics that fall into the diagnosis, not simply the range of severity. It's good that it's being looked at more--the poor parent in the grocery store that gets the stares, "Discipline that child," needs support and understanding. 

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