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Why Do I Study Physics?

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How can a perfect universe leave room for imperfection?

Mind blown. 

I will watch this video again. 

How did you find it?

I'm sure it was something on the NPR blog

"this world is a schizophrenic character—wanting to be two things at once!"

very cool.

Very cool and quite true, too...

There are a lot of Easter eggs in this video, but the most obvious one to me was the doughnut shop and doughnuts reference!  There's a theory that the universe is shaped like a doughnut

doughnut shaped universe


I'm trying to understand the donut theory.

If the universe is ever expanding did it start out with a hole in the middle?

maybe like this?

there are some images in here starting at 2:58 that seem similar...

toroidal bubble

Whoa. Our Universe might be the bubbles created by a whale?!?!

crazy, right?!

Just crazy enough that I cannot refute it!

What is perfection?  Is it necessarily what we perceive it to be?  Can it be that perfection is what we perceive as perfection, the opposite, and everything between?  Can it be perfection only exists when there is both the yin and the yang?

And the universe...what is it?  The hole or the donut or both?  What is beyond the edge of the universe?  Isn't that so-called emptiness also the universe?  Or, if you say there are more than one universes as there are mulitiple solar systems and galaxies, what is the collection of universes?  What would you call the emptiness beyond the universe?  

The notion of no limit and the notion of no beginning and no end is like a circle - a notion and real.  Back to work....I will watch the video again later also...

Heh heh. 

I guess I envision the universe as starting with a single point in space and time, and then expanding equally rapidly from there in every direction. 

It's hard to think at that scale though. My brain has no analogue. 

yeah.  it's too much for my tiny brain.  that's why i liken it to things on earth, like toroidal bubbles!

Even those bubbles are pretty mind warping!

Wondering if "perfection" is an unattainable concept and it must be unattainable for it to be of any use. Perfection can only be a destination, never a location. There is only the journey.

Also wondering if the "universe" is a similarly unattainable concept. The universe is everything we know to exist - which hangs together with the fact that there will always be a proportion of knowledge that is currently unknown. So our universe is constantly expanding, not by what we know, but by what we know that we don't know. The universe of physics is a physical one. There will correspondingly be a philosophical one and a spiritual one. Each is under constant discovery, the process of discovery is being able to understand our ignorance and then striving to find knowledge to fill that ignorance. Before I get back to work, I think that this maybe where it all meets up, "the vacuum that we know to exist" in our physical environment and in our spiritual one - that maybe all the philosophy we need to allow us to function. Ummmm... Homo sapiens non sapiens. 

I like that metaphor: Perfection is the stars. 

You can aim for there but you cannot GO there. 

it's like our lives, our work, our desires... we'll never get it all done.  but it's all about the ride!

We can see the stars. We can watch the stars as they walk across the sky.

We can take comfort in knowing the stars will be there long after we are gone.

And we can dream of the stars. Every day.

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