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I Tasted BBQ Sauce Made By IBM's Watson, And Loved It

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"Immediately, you can taste the sweet warmth of the wine and the squash. The tamarind blends seamlessly, backed by a duo of vinegars, to tickle your tongue with just the right amount of tartness. The other flavors combine to leave an indefinable, warm aftertaste that, as you have a few more bites, actually heats your mouth--thanks to Thai chiles.

I test it again and again. Finally I just slather my plate in the stuff. It’s delicious--the best way I can describe it is as a Thai mustard sauce, or maybe the middle point between a BBQ sauce and a curry. Does that sound gross? I assure you that it isn’t."

Sounds wonderful.

BBQ sauce designed by computer?! Oh my.

Welcome to the age where machines truly know most people better than themselves.

There's no going back, is there?

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