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Google Doodle Celebrates Environmentalist Rachel Carson's 107th Birthday

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She was a science writer with the soul of a poet. The following quote from the New York Times best describes her work:

"Great poets from Homer down to Masefield have tried to evoke the deep mystery and endless fascination of the ocean. But the slender, gentle Miss Carson seems to have the best of it. Once or twice in a generation does the world get a physical scientist with literary genius; Miss Carson has written a classic in The Sea Around Us."

Her other notable books include "Under the Sea-wind" (1941) and "The Edge of the Sea", which was released in 1955. "Silent Spring," which was released in 1962, sparked the argument over pesticide-use in farmlands.  

Her attack on pesticides made her an enemy of the chemical industry. Carson's work was called as alarmist by pesticide manufacturers as well as some people in the government.

Several years after her death, DDT- a colorless organochloride - was banned in the U.S and some other places too. The chemical is still used in some developing countries to control mosquito populations.

Carson's fight against chemicals is considered to be the inspiration for the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Under the sea!