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Confirmed: Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel Is Kind Of An Ass | TechCrunch

Confirmed Snapchat s Evan Spiegel Is Kind Of An Ass TechCrunch

To be fair, we all say things that are meant to be private, and when Spiegel sent these emails to his Kappa Sig bros, he probably never imagined that they’d be paraded out for the world to see. That said, we can’t possibly comment on them without pointing out the deep irony: Evan is his own ideal user.


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Snapchat needs a new tagline, like "the worst in you, enabled".

"Kind of an ass"? As in half-assed?

We need to rank pejoratives.  Is "douche" worse than "ass", for instance.

An ass is useful. Without it we'd have no way to get rid of waste. 

Spiegel is a bro along with Rap Genius bros and Uber bros:

Oh and Dropbox is 97% men:

Stanford president to students: Don't be like this ass. Learn from this.

By the way, I don't care if these were his private thoughts. It still demonstrates how he thinks. 

Thoughts become actions. 

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