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Foods you shouldn't refrigerate: Tomatoes, potatoes, bread, mozzarella, and 8 others.

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L.V. Anderson:  "I have only one quibble with this list, which is that it omits mozzarella. Refrigerated fresh mozzarella tastes way worse than fresh mozzarella that’s been kept at room temperature. Serious Eats’ resident food obsessive, J. Kenji López-Alt, has more to say about that phenomenon."  <-- Worth a visit

Whoa, really?!

I've been doing that wrong my whole life!


Then we get to his odd relationship with the refrigerator. Step into Serious Eats and get ready to forget everything you know—or thoughtyou knew—about what should and shouldn't go in the refrigerator. Half eaten bag of chips from the counter? Into the fridge they go. Leftover fried chicken?

Don't even think about it. Ed's been known to eat three-day-old unrefrigerated fried chicken from time to time. Candy and chocolate? Definite fridge material. Mutton barbecue shipped from Owensboro Kentucky? The fridge will ruin it, insists Ed.

But the cardinal rule of the fridge, the one that must never be broken, is that fresh mozzarella should never, under any circumstances, pass the threshold of the refrigerator door.

It ruins the cheese, he says. It takes what was once moist, luscious, and rich, and turns it into dry rubber.

But they refrigerate it in the supermarket!

that's what i was thinking!  they refrigerate it in the supermarket.  geege, you have to bring this up with the higher powers.  is there a chief cheesemonger?

The Head Cheese?

nice one, adam!

Emily, ha ha!  I think this calls for a picket line: "Save Our Mozzarella!"  YouTube it.  Viralize it.  Educate the masses.

(Good one, Adam!)

Thank you Geege. :)

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