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Signs that your cat may have banana dependency - Imgur

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Are bananas good for cats?

It doesn't appear that the cat actually eats the banana... just plays with it. Every cat I have owned would recoil from a banana as if it smelled bad.

Pretty much like humans, they play with them but don't eat them.

Some humans do eat bananas but I see your point that this cat is playing not eating.

No you don't see my point, I meant cats play with humans, but cats don't eat humans (as far as I know).

: )

man eating tiger cat eating human meme Imgur

Good point Geege.

I wonder if a tiger would eat a human. Kill him if he feels in danger yeah, but eat it? I'm not sure.

There are man-eaters in India.

I might add the following to my summer reading list!

Whoa, here she comes!

Banana peels make cats curious. Is the second cat scared?

It seems to consider it like something alive.

That makes sense -- it's made of organic material, right?

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