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Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners And George R.R. Martin Talk The Evolution Of Sansa Stark |

β€œShe is beginning to at least try to understand how she can play the Game of Thrones and be, not a piece, but a player with her own goals and moving other pieces around,” says Martin.


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I for one welcome player Sansa Stark! It's about time!!

Now, is it me or did they just set up for Arya NOT to have a reunion with Sansa?

Continuing in the vein of "if only they could text...."

Seriously, how many characters would still be alive???

Now I need to find which page had that texting insight. Dammit.

The last time the sisters saw each other they had a father, a mother and a brother. Β They're both so badass now I wonder if finally they'll admire each other.

This feels like a head fake like when Bran and Jon Snow were in the same place but didn't meet.

50/50 chance Arya and the Hound leave before checking if Sansa is there.Β 

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