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Sansa Stark shall we go gif

Thank you Butcher_Of_Hope for this gif from S4E8:

Sansa Stark looks like she's shopping at the Vale's Hot Topic.

sansa stark shall we go gif Imgur Game of Thrones s4e8 sophie turner hot topic walking

Butcher_Of_Hope Game of Thrones season 4 gif Imgur album:

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No way man! She looks like she's shopping in the closets of Maleficent and also the queen from "Snow White and the Huntsman". Has she suddenly decided to stop being a mouseburger and let her evil freak flag fly?!?!

Sure does look that way:

Sansa Stark hot walking gif Imgur Sophie Turner Eyrie s4e8

Thank you LookMaImRoadkill for making this gif:

Reddit comment about Sansa's necklace:

Sansa's necklaces are a good indicator of her status and mindset over the course of the series.

In season one, she wears a Lannister lion necklace that Joffrey gives to her. Cersei has the same necklace, and Sansa even starts styling her hair like Cersei and the ladies at court. After Ned's death, Sansa does not wear this necklace again until she marries Tyrion (she was probably forced to do so).

In seasons two and three, Sansa wears either a dragonfly or butterfly necklace. There is lots of bird and flying imagery surrounding Sansa. Sandor Clegane calls her Little Bird. Cersei calls her Little Dove. Also, Sansa has a known love of songs and stories, and "The Prince of Dragonflies" is a popular romantic song in Westeros. Now she's with Littlefinger, who adopted a mockingbird sigil. She is also hiding out in the Vale of Arryn. The sigil of House Arryn is a falcon.

In season four, she receives the necklace from Dontos, which she believes is an old family heirloom of his, but actually contains the poison used to kill Joffrey.

I'd be curious to know what this necklace symbolizes, since the meaning is not immediately apparent. I like the idea that it might be an allusion to the Moon Door.


ϴ is a symbol of the Greek capital letter theta. In geometry textbooks, it is commonly used for marking unknown angles. Combined with the way she enters the room in the staircase scene - in plain view, but at the same time obsocured by the light and hard to comprehend, it might have been used as a complimentry symbolism of her current transformation.

Reddit comments:

Suddenly she's lying her dress off to save Littlefinger?!

Looks like Sansa wants to play the Game!

Next up: Revenge on the Freys, the Boltons... And Cersei.

Little Dove no more!!

Actually, it's part Maleficent, part Mockingbird, part Katniss Everdeen:

Sansa Stark shall we go gif Imgur hot topic Game of Thrones s4e8 the mountain and the viper meme

Note that Sansa has dyed her hair to cover up the fact that she's Sansa Stark!

Definitely more like Katniss:

Sansa Stark Katniss Everdeen meme game of thrones s4e8 Imgur

Oh, Facebook.

Sansa Stark someone is going to get little fingered S4E8 Facebook meme Imgur

A new player has entered the Game!

Sansa Stark meme a new player has entered the game Imgur Eyrie hot The Mountain and The Viper S4E8 Sansa has finally smartened up

Sansa Stark as Miley Cyrus can't be tamed:

Sansa Stark Miley Cyrus hot meme can't be tamed game of thrones s4e8 the mountain and the viper Imgur

Sansa Stark has joined the game meme Game of Thrones s4e8 the mountain and the viper Imgur

Sansa Stark Angelina Jolie hot Maleficent smiling gif Imgur Telling your girlfriend you forgot to get her an anniversary present and then saying just kidding

Sansa knows what Littlefinger wants.

Sansa Littlefinger meme I know what you want Game of Thrones s4e8 the mountain and the viper Imgur

Reddit comments:

Sansa has had time to learn from Cersei, Margaery, Tyrion, and now Baelish. Game on!

A lot can happen between now and never:

Arya nothing meme Littlefinger now and never Sansa Petyr Baelish game of thrones s4e7 metaphysical mockingbird Imgur


Sansa Stark I know what you want meme Littlefinger Cersei Imgur

New power players:

Sansa Margaery hot meme Imgur

Don't mess with Sansa.

Sansa Stark bad bitch alert meme game of thrones s4e8 when she walks down them stairs Imgur

Sansa Stark Darth Vader:

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