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Death map: The most common causes of death in each state

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There are a lot of "accidents".

There is a "Respiratory Diseases" corridor in Tornado Alley.


How does Alzheimer's cause death? People forget the wrong thing?

Like, "Am I flammable?"

AD is a terminal illness, with the cause of death typically being an external factor, such as infection of pressure ulcers or pneumonia, not the disease itself.  (Wiki).  People in the final stages of Alzheimers typically are bedridden.

Fascinating and sad. Even if science finds a cure for Alzheimer's, people will still die of pneumonia.

I looked up septicemia too, and it sounds like "being in the hospital" disease. Hospitals are giant petri dishes for drug-resistant bacteria, and that's no lie. MRSA comes from hospitals and gets inside people's bodies when they have surgery or any other cuts of the skin. Catheters, IVs, and breathing tubes get infected. Bed sores turn into raging infections. All of this is even more true when you have a lot of young, elderly, wounded, and immuno-compromised patients in one place... as hospitals tend to do. The irony is that hospitals are the worse place for very sick people to be.

Makes me wonder if there's a better system than hospitals waiting to be invented. 

You would think there would be more deaths from liver disease than from kidney disease.  I guess our livers are relatively sturdy.

I guess so. Also, where's the cancer? Not a top killer?

And I had not heard of Septicemia until now.

Ah, ok, I went back and read the article. Heart disease and cancer are the top 2 killers by far:

Death map: The most common causes of death in each state of the union

Death map: The most common causes of death in each state of the union

The map atop this page is DISPROPORTIONATE deaths. 

okay, now these two make a lot more sense (i was utterly confused by the first one!).  but what exactly is heart disease?  does it cover heart attacks?  what i mean is: if you die because you're old and your heart stops is that considered heart disease?

does anyone just die from being old anymore?

Hardly anyone dies of being old anymore. 

If you get old enough you will eventually will get a disease.

Heart disease does cover heart attacks but not your ticker just stopping.