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For $20,000, You Could Get Killed in New Game of Thrones Book

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The author of the "Game of Thrones" books, George R.R. Martin, is crowdfunding for a good cause: he's asking for donations to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and The Food Depot, two Santa Fe-based organizations. 

He's asking for donations to the two organizations through a Prizeo campaign, and there are 60 days left. But feeling good about donating money to a good cause is only half the reward.

For $20,000, Martin will name a character after you in an upcoming "Song of Ice and Fire" novel. You can choose what your character does, and, perhaps best of all, your character will "certainly meet a grisly death."

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I would like to be Jeeje, the first MISTRESS of Coin.

However I am killed, I would like access to Milk of the Poppy aforehand.

Death by Milk of the Poppy?

$20k seems a small price to pay for a role in Game of Thrones!

People are lining up to pay 10-100 time that for a change to go to outer space...

Sigh, yet another pop culture reference whose importance I miss while I am in my own world... 

Richard Branson is taking reservations from people to go to Outer Space once he gets clearance.

Virgin Galactic also accepts Bitcoin:

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary:

GRRM has a soft spot in his heart for wolves.

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