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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby, Because The Internet | TechCrunch

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A global survey of thousands of parents showed that over 80% of them blamed the internet for teaching their kids about sexuality before they did. Most parents are now talking to their kids at an average of around age 10 about sex and relationships before the internet does, according to the survey.

That’s a full five years younger than the previous generation. Nearly half of all parents report never even having had the sex talk with their own parents when they were growing up.

Porn was the most uncomfortable topic parents reported talking about with their young ones. Concerns over easy access to inappropriate material on the internet, TV and apps such as Snapchat made parents feel the need to bring that subject up at an earlier age than ever.

According to separate research, kids ages 8-18 spend a whopping 7.5 hours a day viewing online media and television content. This means they’re spending more time getting info from their screens than from their parents and teachers.

They spend a third of their day in front of screens! Geez.

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