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How To Make Deviled Eggs, And Reign As Lord Of The Side Dishes

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This article explains in terms any man can understand how to make deviled eggs -- which entails making non-nasty hard-boiled eggs, a skill which everyone needs. The key is to use OLD-ASS eggs, even those about a week past their sell-by date.

What?! OLD eggs make better hard boiled eggs?!


Thank you for stashing this!

Recipes written in man-language, brilliant:

Now you've got a bunch of de-yolked half-eggs sitting over in one spot, and a bowl full of cooked egg yolks in another. Mix the yolks with some stuff. People add all types of (figurative) shit to their deviled eggs: pickle brine and turmeric and minced celery, caviar and crème fraîche and friggin' gold leaf and the ludicrous pretense that they're not just preparing inverted egg-salad for a cookout side dish. Good for them. As for you, on the other hand, lover of good, defender of reason, appreciator of not having to make a trip to the goddamn specialty gourmet grocer, just mix your yolks together with a spoonful of dijon mustard, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a pinch of salt, and a generous-but-not-indecent scoop of real-deal by-God mayonnaise.

(Pause for a moment to enjoy—or, alternatively, recoil in horror from—the fact that you're using emulsified egg to flavor hard-boiled egg. Eggs on eggs in eggs! It's eggs all the way down. Eggs eggs eggs.)

Only you know how many eggs you are using here—you and the NSA. Use your judgment with the proportions of things. Probably you don't want more than, say, a tablespoon of mayo per six whole egg yolks; probably you don't want more than half that much mustard, salt, and worcestershire added together; probably you don't want to be hit by an asteroid. Only you can tell. A smart thing to do, if you're not certain how much of these various things you want in your deviled eggs, is to mix all these things together in a separate bowl, before you add them to the yolks, and taste, and adjust—and then, when you've got the combination just right, add the result to the bowl of yolks in small increments, and mix, and taste, and adjust. Or you could go all swirly-eyed and just start throwing shit in there. Decide for yourself.

I thought you'd like that, Gammy. :)

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