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Ant-Man: How Did One Obscure Superhero Movie Become So Controversial

Ant Man How Did One Obscure Superhero Movie Become So Controversial Vanity Fair


It seems every day there’s a new story about Ant-Man, a film that has, in a few short weeks, become Marvel’s most embattled property. Plenty of eyebrows were raised way back in 2006, when Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World director Edgar Wright announced that he would be taking on one of Marvel’s fringiest superheroes. The script would be based on an old treatment Wright had written back in 2003. So that means that when Wright abruptly walked away from the project late last month, he was leaving behind a project he had been working on for nearly a decade.

Wright, who is a beloved member of the film community with an undeniably creative voice, has received nothing by support from his fellow filmmakers. Perhaps out of fear of angering Marvel or its parent company, the all-powerful Disney, some of that support has been subtle (a la Joss Whedon’s solidarity Cornetto. And some, from Hollywood folks with nothing to lose, has been much more vocal.

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Ant-Man will have the last laugh when his movie does well.