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Gary the Goat needs to shape up.

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Where are you from?

Goat in the boat is like a Dr. Seuss book. :-)

It is! I would not could not in a boat...

i would not could not with a goat!

i will not eat green eggs and ham,

not with gary or his man!

Now that I think about it, it's good sense not to eat green eggs.

Gary in court:

gary is one lucky goat!  i love how jimbo calls him "mate" constantly (or "gary, mate!").  i could listen to that aussie accent all day!

Me too! It really makes the videos more fun to listen to.

I close my eyes and I hear Murray Hewitt.

hahaha!  geege!

adam, i was going to post the exact same youtube video!!

glad we're all on the same page.

I think PandaWhale is starting to become our hive mind.

haha!  totes mcgoats!

James Earl Jones Malcolm McDowell Totes McGotes gif Imgur

hilarious!  james earl jones says it with such gusto!

He does! Makes me not mind it's a commercial!

I like Gary! lol  All these goats are going to encourage me to create my own goat stash!

I think goats is one of the subjects with the most stashes on PandaWhale.

Second only to Facebook. :)

really?  i'm so glad to hear that!  i have the cutest goat character who needs to make his children's book debut soon!!

It feels like you have an endless supply of cute characters -- goats, ladybugs, etc. 

i don't make them up!  the world is FULL of them!!  :)

"Adam the Ladybug" has ALL sorts of possibilities!

omg, geege!  yes!

but i see adam as a panda—maybe it's the pic, or the site, or all of it.  ;)

maybe it should be "adam AND the ladybug."  or "the panda and the ladybug."

i am imagining some darn cute pictures of a ladybug on bamboo... and then here comes adam... :)

adam, what do you say? wanna be a children's book character??

Haha, that wasn't anything I had in mind but "the panda and the ladybug" does sound super cute!

Geege, here is one of Emily's ladybug stories:

Gary the goat lines up a gig at The Green Valley Hotel.

i love the topless chick, just hanging out!

Gary lives in a very casual town.

Gary the goat meets some cows:

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