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Well HOT damn! A gen-u-ine Mountain Dew weddin'!

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Ooooh, you could use this page like a pinboard of wedding ideas!

Hahahaha! Yeah, the Mountain Dew will pair quiet nicely with the Panko-crusted possum.

And for dessert: Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcakes!

Mountain Dew pairs nicely with Doritos cupcakes meme funny Imgur

*The first rule of Pinterest is: Always Pin Cupcakes!

P.S. Dew or Dew not. There is no try!

Dew not want

The Mountain Dew & Doritos cupcakes are horrifying.

And the recipe comes from a blog called Fairytale Frosting!

P.S. Don't you love the AOL watermark in that Yoda Dew meme?

Yeah, that's a nice touch. In the early days of AOL, they converted all images into a .art format that (so far as I know) was used only by them.

By why only convert to a proprietary format when you can ALSO watermark?

Good point. I'm seeing more gifs converted to gfycat's these days, but at least they don't watermark.

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