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Ryan and His Budget Are a Gamble for Romney -

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The Ryan budget, which Mr. Romney endorsed during the hard-fought race for the Republican presidential nomination, would cut about $6 trillion from projected spending in the first 10 years. But the plan also would cut revenues by $4 trillion, and more over time, by slashing individual and corporate income taxes. The government would not run a surplus for three decades, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office — an outcome that would have been heresy to pro-tax-cut, anti-deficit Republicans of the past, including that hero of Mr. Ryan and his generation, Ronald Reagan.


Are they out of their minds???

The greed implicit in the Ryan Plan is disgusting. I hope they lose in a landslide.

Didn't Clinton make a surpass in less than 30 years? =p

Yes. It took him fewer than 8 years. :)

Why is it a difficult strategy to cut costs and raise taxes?


In reading Ryan's story, it seems he is well-intentioned. He's suffered a lot. I know someone who also found their father dead and it has affected this individual for their whole life. However, I'm beginning to grasp this larger picture of America where one sides candidate comes from wealth and privilege, the others do not.

I'll reference a batman scene from the dark knight rises, the scene where Bruce first fails in attempting to jump from the pit. He has a conversation with his friend/healer. He was a man from privilege.

That seems to be the larger political narrative, and it's unfortunate. Surely we could work together in a way that benefits all and respects gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and the like. There is more that unites us than divides us.

Ryan wants to get rid of fundamental government services.

It's hard to have empathy for a man whose policies will cause a lot of suffering.

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