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Uruguay squad's caramel spread confiscated in Brazil

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From the headline I thought they were taking drugs. Nope.

The spread, called dulce de leche, is extremely popular in Uruguay but the Brazilian authorities said that as it was made with milk, it needed sanitary documentation which was lacking.

They don't sell this in Brazil?!

It made me chuckle when I read this!  I wonder if it is a specific brand they like that is unique to Uruguay.  I can relate - I miss my Canadian chocolate bars that I can't get here in the States!

You can't have them shipped to you?

You're probably right that it's a specific brand they liked.

Not having their dulce de leche hurt them in their first game!

I probably could, but I think it's actually a blessing that I can't get them here!  They're not dark chocolate - so I can't even pretend they would have some nutritional merit.

Added friction helps us break bad habits.