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Costa Rica after beating Italy in World Cup 2014

Costa Rica after the win against Italy World Cup 2014 Imgur

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Before 2014, Costa Rica had won 3 World Cup GAMES EVER.

By comparison, Italy has won 4 World Cup championships.

Costa Rica beat Italy yesterday to advance to the knockout round for the first time ever!

Reddit comments:

i'll bet the partying is nonstop!!  so much fun!

i was in madrid when they won the european cup and the whole city went nuts!!  people swimming in fountains, all roads full of pedestrians, screaming and hollering and celebrating ALL NIGHT and ALL THE NEXT DAY!  it was celebration like i've never seen!

That's awesome, Emily! So much emotion!!

Diaz crying on the ground meme An Incredible Image Of Costa Rican Players After Second Straight World Cup Upset - Business Insider

awwww... diaz is crying on the ground!!  awesome.  his cross was beautiful and ruiz's head-shot was spot-on!  what a goal!!

way to keep your head in the game, ruiz!

Haha, yes! It's sweet to see them doing well.

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