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New FAA doc forbids drones from delivering Amazon packages, beer, and flowers

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What?! No beer or flower drones?? No tacocopters?? Outrageous!!

You're not the only outraged personage:

The FAA recently laid down a ruling restricting some drone use cases. The FCC is not adequately defending the citizenry’s right to a neutral Internet. And, the FDA makes it painfully hard for all sorts of health-related startups, from hard science to wearables, to get into the clinical phase. And this doesn’t even begin to cover what the legislation of another acronym (SEC) has done to capital markets, most notably encouraging today’s most dynamic companies to stay private longer, to forego public markets, and to reward private investors in the name of protecting the public.

PS  No tacocopters is particularly cruel.

Yeah, tacocopters never hurt anyone!

And I do love that Semil post on the ways the alphabet agencies are making us miserable.

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