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Paul Ryan shirtless photo

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Yes, the above photo is photoshopped. I'm sure the real Paul Ryan looks even better.

Apparently we're not the only ones obsessed with Paul Ryan shirtless pictures.

Yesterday Paul Ryan shirtless pics came up in heated conversation.

Because Paul Ryan shirtless images is the #2 Paul Ryan-related Google search.


Desire to see Paul Ryan half-naked trumps other things like, say, his budget proposal.

Gawker explains in Would You Hit That:

TMZ broke the story that Ryan's workout routine is "P90X and insanity." Wow, I bet he gets super sweaty.

Meanwhile, the LA Times lets us know that Ryan, a former personal trainer, has 6 to 8 percent body fat. He also does cardio, karate, and yoga. That's a fitness regimen that even Michelle Obama would approve.

Six-pack aside, he's just a handsome motherfucker. I think Politico put it best — "Forget the budget: Paul Ryan is hot!"

So there you have it. Six pack abs for the win!

Paul Ryan 2012 is Sarah Palin 2008. America loves a great-looking politician, baby!

One ticket to the Paul Ryan gun show, please!


Alternatively, search for Ryan Lochte shirtless. He's an Olympic hero!

He's definitely still got it! Look at those haunting blue eyes...

Paul Ryan is ridiculously good looking.

If he can master Blue Steel he could win a model-off against Zoolander..


BuzzFeed also admires Paul Ryan's good looks...


Dude Paul Ryan is a Chippendale? He's so blue collar... ;)

Somewhere between Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley ...

Is America ready for a little R&R?

Because Romney & Ryan are lookin' GOOD!

Mitt Romney Shirtless

Paul Ryan Mitt Romney Shirtless Photos!!!

Oh em gee. Beefcake. Totally buff. Plus...

Mitt Romney Tattoo is AWESOMESAUCE.

Let's see the "before" picture one more time:




Still, Romney doesn't have those Paul Ryan guns.


Time to put Romney on the P90 Running Regimen.

Run Romney Run!!


I love a good Mitt Romney shirtless photo, too.

Talk about studly, he wants to cut body fat from 12% of GDP to 3.7% - and grow defense fat past 4% at the same time!

Theirs was a forbidden love...

Brokeback Mountain Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan Brokeback Mountain

I don't question their partnership, I just want to know whether Ryan will be able to ride Romney all the way to the White House.

"I wish I knew how to quit you..."

Lucas, that is too meta. Paul borrowed that barn coat from Texas Governor (and failed presidential nominee) Rick Perry.


Rick Perry is good like that. He'd give you the barn coat off his back.

In all seriousness, Paul Ryan is into the ladies so this whole thread is a little off.

Paul Ryan's favorite pickup line? Hey girl, let's get fiscal.


I'm proud (or not proud at all, depending on how you look at it) to say that I was the first person to photoshop a shirtless photo of Paul Ryan. A really bad one, I might add. But it was still stolen by various website with no credit. WAAA.

Hallie, I *love* your Photoshop skills and I'm glad you let us know about your awesome shirtless Paul Ryan pics!

Hallie, our skills are always welcome on PandaWhale and we always give full credit! :)

Btw do you have any Paul Ryan animated gifs?

And heck yes conservative politicians are better looking! Just say no to Biden shirtless!

I'm just going to put this here... Top 10 "Binders Full of Women" Images...

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